Weight Training For Fat Loss

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My last blog post featuring my top 12 fat loss tips was very well received so I thought I’d follow up on my personal favourite – lift weights! 🙂 – in more detail. At this time of year the gym is full of people eager to shed their winter layer and generally they flock to the cardio machines in the belief that this is the best kind of exercise they can do to shift those extra pounds. The thought process usually goes something like this – “I’ll do cardio until I’ve lost the weight then I’ll start on the weights.” Simply put this is plain wrong! 🙂 Weight training* is the best kind of exercise you can do when you’re dieting for fat loss. Yes, it’s better than cardio! 🙂 So, without further ado here’s why you should consider weight training for fat loss! 🙂

* Strictly speaking resistance training is the best kind of exercise. Weight training is the most popular form of resistance training.

Why weight training for fat loss is more effective than doing cardio!

Weight Training Burns Lots Of Calories!

People tend to overlook the fact that cardio isn’t the only way to burn calories. Weight training burns a LOT of calories! Train hard with lots of big muscle group exercises like squats, presses, deadlifts and brief rest periods and you’ll burn more than doing cardio! And you’ll get really fit! Yes, really! 🙂

Weight Training Increases Lean Body Mass!

While it’s true that you’re not likely to build a huge amount of muscle when you’re in a calorie deficit you will not only maintain the muscle you already have and improve your body shape and appearance! You’ll tone up by which I mean that your muscles will be harder and firm not soft and mushy! 🙂

Weight Training Is The Elixir Of Youth!

As you age you lose muscle – the technical term for this is sarcopenia and while this may not concern you now trust me in time it will! Implementing a regular program of weight training will stand you in good stead in later years!

weight training for fat loss

Weight Training Boosts Metabolism!

Most people believe the “afterburn” effect only comes from cardio, but weight training can also increase metabolism for hours after the workout!

Weight Training Has Health And Fitness Benefits Too!

Not only does is perfect complement to a solid nutritional program (check my last blog post for the most effective 12 fat loss tips I know) it has numerous health and fitness benefits too!

Regular weigh training increases muscular strength, increases the strength of connective tissues and tendons, increases bone density (another great side effect of looking great as you get older), improves flexibility, increases self confidence and self esteem, improves focus and concentration, combats depression and anxiety and improves your overall quality of life! All in all that’s a pretty impressive list of positive side effects you’ll enjoy if you include weight training in your weight loss program! 🙂

Weight Training Is Fun!

If you’re shaking your head after reading this come and see me and I’ll teach you how to train safely and effectively and have loads of fun while you’re doing it! 🙂

The Bottom Line!

Weight training is exercise priority number one, even when your primary goal is fat loss. Pop and like my FB page if you want to keep up to date with what I’m up to and  contact me if you need any help with your weight training or your nutritional program 🙂