Who is Matt Lazenby?

I'm the happiest personal trainer in Edinburgh, probably! I'm as passionate about training today as I was 30 years ago and I love life! Want to know more? Read on!

Personal Trainer Edinburgh Matt Lazenby


Who Am I?

Well, most pertinently I'm the founder of LazenbyPT which I established in Edinburgh in 2008 with the intention of becoming firmly established as one of the city's premier providers of bespoke personal training products. I'm think it's fair to say I've achieved this which I'm quite proud of!

What Do I Do?

I inspire, educate and empower people, enabling them to quite literally recreate themselves, mentally and physically. While I still call myself as a personal trainer I'm probably better described as a personal training coach as my programs are holistic. They take your personality and lifestyle into account and are designed to to improve your fitness levels and get you in great shape, improve your mental health and enhance every aspect of your life!

I gained my first certification way back in 1989 and got my start in the industry working at Bodyworld Health Club as a fitness instructor, receptionist and general gopher! Since then I've trained countless clients of all ages from all walks of life; I've worked with competitive athletes of both sexes and highly paid corporate professionals but the vast majority of my clients have been 'regular' people with regular jobs who just wanted to look and feel better. I've never stopped learning, thanks largely to my great friend Mike Pratt (who taught me pretty much everything I know!) , competed as a bodybuilder and showered with Arnold Schwarzenegger, all the while relentlessly striving to improve my physique!

Matt Lazenby in the best shape of his life in August 2015

Once Upon A Time In Hull!

An anxious, insecure teenager was given a 6 week gym membership by his Dad! I started out as decidedly regular myself and I as you can see from the picture I wasn't a natural athlete by a long way! I was overweight in my early teens and while I loved playing football, my enthusiasm far outstripped my ability and I never made the team. The summer I turned 14 my Dad got me a 6 week membership at a health club called Gateway To Health  and though I didn't know it then it was the start of a lifelong passion!

Edinburgh Personal Trainer Matt Lazenby

I soon fell in love with weight training and like countless others it was a picture of Arnold Schwarzenegger that captured my imagination.  In my enthusiasm I devoured everything I could about training and nutrition and overloaded myself with information! My naturally anxious disposition didn't help matters either, rendering me prone to over analysis and leading to years of frustration and very little progress to show for my efforts.

A chance meeting with a friend from my days at Bodyworld, Mike Pratt, changed all that. In my opinion, and that of many others, Mike is not simply one of the world's leading performance coaches he is quite literally a genius, uncomfortable though he is with my calling him one! Mike and I started to train together and with his guidance I finally started to learn to train effectively! I started to see the results I'd been striving for for so long and my physique improved to the point where I competed as a bodybuilder!

Edinburgh Personal Trainer Matt Lazenby

My own training has taken on a whole new lease of life of late; still under Mike's watchful eye I did my first professional photo shoot at the ripe old age of 48 with the internationally reknown Chris Bailey of Bailey Image in August 2015 and I loved every minute of the experience! I suspect it's not the last time I'll be in front of a camera either, I think I've got a few good years left yet!

Personal Trainer Edinburgh Matt Lazenby

I Have A  Life Outside Of The Gym Too!

I'm an ebullient, happy chap! I smile a lot, strive to agitate myself daily in the interests of personal development and still can't get over how much fun life is! I'm thoughtful, fascinated with how the mind works, and how we quite literally create much of our reality ourselves with our own thoughts!

I passionate and I love cold water and coffee, cheesecake and chocolate brownies, steak, pizza and eating out. Real ale and single malts. Graveyards and ruins, art galleries - I LOVE Caravaggio! And museums, and libraries and fireworks. And travelling, I visited Medellin in Colombia recently and will be returning! And lost civilizations, miniatures and models, early mornings and the dark. I love the passage of the seasons, rejoicing at the arrival of the new in the same breath as I reluctantly let go of the last! I play MTGO Online to express my inner nerd, try to stay awake while meditating  and recently started tracking my daily habits in a zealous fashion!

Like most everyone else I love a good movie - favourites include Bladerunner, Bladerunner 2048, The Unforgiven, The Dollars Trilogy, The Directors Cut of Troy, The Bourne Trilogy, Casino Royale, Dangerous Liasons - and I like all manner of music from rock to pop to ambient to classical and back again - my favourite band is Led Zeppelin - though for reasons I'm not entirely sure about I hardly ever listen to it; apart from at the gym where my playlists are generally filled with 80's hair metal anthems! As I type I'm in a shameless Iron Maiden phase!

All in all, I think life's pretty amazing! I'm blessed to call the most amazing people I've ever met my friends and family, enjoy robust health and at 51 I’m still in an almost constant state of awe at the wonder of creation!