Pure Gym Quartermile – There IS a Goddess! :o)

The Continuing Saga of Matt Lazenby, Edinburgh Personal Trainer, Overexcited Gym Wanderer and Blogger!pure gym quartermile leg press

Once More Unto The Breach Dear Readers! 🙂

Earlier in the year I wrote a fantastic series of blog posts recounting my visits to Spartan Gym, Velocity Fitness, Anytime Fitnessboth Virgin Actives and Pure Gym at Granton! 🙂 Last night (July 20th) I joined Pure Gym Quartermile on a whim and what a fantastic decision it turned out to be! 🙂 

Pure Gym Quartermile – Great Location, Great Opening Hours, Fantastic Value!pure gym quartermile row

I joined the gym is only a few minutes from the recently relocated LaZer Towers on the opposite side of The Meadows and I pass it on my way to The Scotsman, it’s open 24/7 which is perfect when you wake up at 4am and it’s only £24.99 a month with a £15 joining fee and no contract! Like, how good is that! 🙂

Kit Beyond My Wildest Expectations!

The gym is one big and very cool looking room and is simply crammed with kit 🙂

As with the other Pure Gyms I’ve trained in; Granton and Ocean Terminal, the gym is incredibly well equipped with Matrix equipment. There is the usual stuff – Lat Pulldown, Pulley Row, Leg Press, Leg Extension, Seated Leg Curl, Calf Raise, Chest Press, Smith Machine, Shoulder Press, Power Racks and it’s all smooth, well designed and user friendly. There are plenty of free weights too, DB’s go up to 50kg! 🙂

pure gym quartermile dumbbells

BUT and this is one hell of a BUT it doesn’t stop there! 🙂 Since my last visit they’ve got a great plate loading Incline Press and a matching Shoulder Press! 🙂 I used them both, they’re great! 🙂 There is also a Converging Row, a 45% plate loading Leg Press, a Lying Leg Curl and a Hack Squat! 🙂 This is like the dream team of ‘if only they would get a …..’ equipment wish lists and I can’t express quite how excited I was though if you know me you can probably guess! 🙂 

Peak Time Shenanigan’s? Not Likely! 🙂

Before someone mentions it in the comments, yes Pure Gym is busy at peak times. That’s why they are called peak times 🙂 I trained at 5.45am though and there were only 6 of us so I had a lovely time! 🙂 

My New Love! 🙂 pure gym quartermile hack squat

Pure Gym Quartermile is in Quartermile! 🙂 It’s near LaZer Towers and The Meadows! 🙂 It has so many toys! 🙂 It is open 24/7 365! 🙂 It’s quiet in a morning! 🙂 It’s fair to say it’s my new favourite gym and I’m likely to train here until I get bored! 🙂 

That’s All Folks!

Enough of the random gym adventures, I’ll be back soon with more of my ramblings, most likely involving Edinburgh Food Porn! In the meantime follow me on FB and contact me if you need any help! 🙂