Mike PrattIn my opinion Matt Lazenby is categorically the number one personal trainer in Edinburgh. I have had him as a student of my training principles for over 20 years and without hesitation I can honestly say that he has taken this knowledge and added it to his own passion, drive and diligence to become a very accomplished personal trainer in his own right. Matt was able to display the physique of his life at his recent photo shoot with renown fitness photographer Chris Bailey, further adding to his credibility as a trainer who practices what he preaches and I can only admire and respect the hard work and determination required to achieve this at 48 years of age, especially given his lack of natural ability.
Mike Pratt
Angela MillerMatt is one of the most enthusiastic, encouraging and knowledgeable personal trainers I have ever come across. Despite the fact my body decided to "misbehave", Matt has never given up on me, and has tailored programmes to get me where I need to be. What he doesn't know about nutrition, quite frankly isn't worth knowing, and I enjoy the fact that he doesn't pander whenever someone "cheats"; whether that be regarding eating clean or not putting 100% effort into every set. He will simply tell you that the only person you are cheating is yourself, and of course, he is absolutely right. He's not about toning up, building a ton of muscle or losing a bit of weight (depending on what it is you're looking to achieve) as a short term measure - it's about changing your lifestyle and being stronger and healthier. I cannot recommend Matt highly enough; he will get you the results you want and the tools you need to achieve your goals for life.
Angela Miller
Blair Bonnar-CampbellI cannot emphasise enough how good the results I achieved were. In my first block (12 weeks) of sessions, I lost 31lbs in total and had so much more energy. I went from being a fat, unhappy drop out to changing my outlook on life altogether. A few months later, i ended up going to University a happier, skinnier person. Matt's knowledge of nutrition and training is unsurpassed and was completely flexible around other commitments. More than just the trainer at the gym, Matt's mindset alone helps you better yourself - he is maybe best described as a life coach. When considering the cost of a personal trainer such as Matt, take into account the fact that Matt brings a huge knowledge and experience base with him, and the premium I paid was nothing compared to how the results made me feel.
Blair Bonnar-Campbell
Casey SternYoung and unfit โ€“ goodbye 'lazy' lifestyle. I have just completed a 9 week course with Matt. Personally, going to the gym has never been an ideal way to make use of my time, between not knowing what to do and how to do it. But after just this short time with Matt I can walk into any gym with confidence... I know what I'm doing, what machines I'm using and why. Matt set me up with a full diet and workout schedule specifically for my needs, including giving me his undivided attention 3 days per week. I am now off to uni having lost more weight than I could have ever imagined. Matt helped me change my perspective - what's really important to me? I have my confidence back and feel great!
Casey Stern
 Laura HamiltonMatt was instrumental in getting me back to fitness after a bike accident. He managed to challenge, push me forward, and more importantly, reign me in when I wanted to be able to run, jump and be better after just one first session. He taught me the skill of patience and perseverance and did it with humour and light heartedness combined with skill, knowledge and hands on years of experience. I wouldn't have been able to get running again without my eight dedicated one-to-one sessions. He made me realise that 'gym' isn't a bad word, that I can train efficiently and effectively, and that I am strong and dedicated. Can't recommend him enough. Thanks Matt
Laura Hamilton
Meg ThomasI had 'got stuck' with my progress to lose weight, and no matter how many hours I spent at the gym every week (sometimes 6 hours!), nothing seemed to change anymore, and I was bored. After a 12 week block with Matt, I was delighted to learn I could train LESS and lose MORE - loads more! A food and exercise programme especially for me, that WORKS! Thanks so much Matt! ๐Ÿ™‚
Meg Thomas
Glenn MansfieldMatt provides a genuinely personal service, in which his advice is tailored to your requirements, rather than being boiler plate advice or stuff regurgitated from magazines. Excellent stuff. He looks at the whole picture of health, including lifestyle, gym training and nutrition, and as a result, I have lost over two stone training with Matt this year, and am more motivated than ever, and truly look forward to my sessions in the gym. Highly recommended
Glenn Mansfield
Ryan FalconerMatt Lazenby is an excellent personal trainer. With over 20 years experience in his field and an in-depth knowledge of nutrition, diet, exercise and technique you would be mad not to hire Matt. The personal service received has been tailored to my needs and has gone above and beyond all my expectations. For me, Matt is more than a personal trainer. A cross between a personal trainer, Mr Motivator and Winston Churchill. A truly remarkable man who inspires, motivates and makes you want to make the best of every moment and achieve greater results in and outside the gym. I cannot recommend Matt highly enough. Thank you Matt. ๐Ÿ™‚
Ryan Falconer
Scott HeronMatt has a passion for fitness and it shows. His knowledge on the subject is second to none and his contagious enthusiasm comes through on every workout I have with him. Not only that, but he also is an incredible professional who will be at his very best for you to achieve your own health and fitness goals. Matt is a fantastic personal trainer and I regularly recommend his services to others.
Scott Heron
Alexandra McGregorI had always viewed a Personal Trainer as a Hollywood fashion item used by celebrities with too much money and not enough will power! In recovery from a back injury, I needed someone who could tell me precisely what was safe for me to do and yet I went for Lazenby PT with very bad grace. However, Matt's precise anatomical knowledge combined with his ability to communicate and to understand my physical fears made a radical difference to my world. Matt combined an upbeat and happy approach with focus and seriousness when needed. It is simply harder to train alone, but having a PT now means I have become confident and motivated enough to train by myself too. I now understand and agree with Hollywood!
Alexandra McGregor
Brian AllenI work offshore and was looking for an Edinburgh personal trainer to get me back into shape after a long lay off from training. Matt has been brilliant, taking me back to basics and training correct technique which has allowed me to progress quickly. He's easy to get a long with, very professional, and makes training fun. At the end of the day I'm also getting good results so very, very pleased.
Brian Allen
Fat, forty, unfit- not any more. Following Matt's advice on diet,exercise and lifestyle I've lost almost 60Ibs since April. My fitness has improved dramatically and I really enjoy my sessions at the gym (which is saying something as I've spent most of my life trying to avoid exercise)! I've got nothing but praise for Matt who really has helped me achieve fantastic results. If you're struggling to get motivated, give Matt a call - you won't be disappointed.
Anna Rogerson
I cannot recommend Matt Lazenby highly enough! As someone 65 years of age, a keen gym goer in past, but having had a break of 3 years due to lower back problems I thought my condition/objectives might put him to the test. Any concerns/doubts I had soon evaporated! My time with Matt proved to be an excellent investment and something I would recommend to anybody who is seriously looking to improve their health and well being. I am leaner, stronger and well on the way to getting back to my former level of fitness. Matt is a wealth of information regarding resistance training in all aspects.....the right exercise, the right "form" and the right mental approach....a winning combination! I am very much indebted to the man. Many thanks Matt.
John Tyrer

*Results Disclaimer:ย Even though I give 100% effort when training my clients, results may vary from person to person.