Matt Recommends – Strength Training Anatomy and more!

Hello again and welcome to this week’s emergency blog post that may well be the first of a series I’m calling Matt Recommends 🙂

After  The Wonders of Static Stretching – Part One  and The Wonders of Static Stretching – Part Two, both of which are well worth a read 🙂  – there may be some budding regular readers expecting to find the concluding part of my epic stretching trilogy here. Actually there is no great mystery surrounding the absence of part 3, I’ve simply been too busy to get around to filming the videos. For a personal trainer Edinburgh is always a hectic city and this week has been particularly so. On top of my personal training clients, my blog writing/admin sessions/reception shifts here at Factory Gyms and my nocturnal moonlighting activities I’ve had all manner of exciting adventures. To be honest I think that is somewhat of an exaggeration, not unlike my claims that my post on basic workout structure was thrilling, but a little exaggeration never hurt anyone 🙂 All being well the concluding ‘Return Of The King’ style finale to the saga should be with you next week 🙂 Meanwhile this week’s post will be all about me 🙂

Matt Recommends 🙂

Matt recommends Strength Training Anatomy

The premise behind this is simple. I love the following things, they are great and if you don’t have or use them already then I strongly recommend that you investigate them further. I get nothing for these recommendations, other than the joy of sharing the sense of delight and wonder that these things bring to my life 🙂


First up is a really brilliant book – Strength Training Anatomy by Frederick Delavier


This is the single best book I’ve ever owned on weight training. It’s sold over 1 million copies and been translated into over 20 languages so you don’t just have to take my word for it either 🙂   127 – I just counted 🙂 – exercises are illustrated along with some really brilliant information on common weight training injuries, morphology and stretching. It’s an invaluable resource and so good that it’s worth owning,  which is high praise indeed from me 🙂  It’s also ridiculously cheap; Amazon sell it for under a tenner which is an absolute bargain and if you still need convincing Edinburgh Libraries have it on stock too 🙂


Next up for this first edition of Matt Recommends is my favourite pre workout supplement, NoxPump. Made by Dorian Yates (6 x Mr Olympia) Nutrition I LOVE the mental clarity and focus I get from this and it’s in my all-time top 3. As the other two, the legendary Ultimate Orange and Ephedrine are no longer available  sadly I can’t make a direct comparison and get a definitive placing for you. It is brilliant though 🙂 I’ve used it frequently for over 2 months now and have yet to develop a tolerance, which is remarkable. It’s also user friendly as it’s packaged in convenient one-serving sachets.


It’s worth mentioning here that I’m very cynical about supplements in general. I don’t think that it’s unreasonable to expect them to actually do what it says on the packet. In exactly the same way as I expect a painkiller to kill pain, I expect a workout-enhancing supplement to enhance my workout. While this seems perfectly reasonable to me apparently the supplement industry in general disagrees with me 🙂 That said the fact that NoxPump actually works is rare. That it works very well is truly remarkable 🙂


Edinburgh Supplements

Obviously my recommendation of NoxPump should have you rushing to buy some, which leads me rather neatly into the last of my recommendations, perfect for a busy personal trainer Edinburgh Supplements. Unsurprisingly they’re a supplement company 🙂 Also unsurprisingly you can order from their site – and given that I’m recommending them it’s also unsurprising that they are as cheap as anywhere I’ve found on the internet. What makes them really outstanding and brilliant is that if you live in Edinburgh (or Musselburgh) Dominik will deliver the supplements to you for free, the same day, and on an evening, so you’ll actually be in 🙂 🙂 This isn’t a typo, I really am so impressed with the quality of service that I’ve ventured into exciting new territory and used two smilies 🙂


That’s it for this edition of Matt Recommends so I’m going to sign off at this point as I have a client in 10 minutes and this enthusiastic frothing has all but worn me out but if you’ve found this interesting and/or helpful and/or amusing then leave some comments below, you could even share some recommendations of your own 🙂 and I’ll be more than happy to post some more recommendations – Nespresso and the as yet undecided top sleep product (contenders are DY GH Blast, Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals Somatomax and CTD Labs Noxitropin PM) spring straight to mind 🙂



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