The Food Porn Interviews – Irene Vas :o)

Food Porn Interviews Obscenities at Deadly Donuts with Edinburgh Personal Trainer Matt Lazenby, ! :o)

Yes folks it’s time for another of the soon to be legendary Food Porn interviews ! 😀  You can read the previous installments starting here with The Edinburgh Food Porn Interviews – Me!  You can then check out the first Food Porn interview featuring Sandy Forsyththe second Food Porn interview featuring Catherine Wright  and the third featuring Angela ‘Mogwai’ Miller here! 😀

Destination Deadly Donuts!

This time I headed off to Deadly Donuts with Irene Vas. I was introduced to Irene by my friend (and Irene’s fiance!) Scott Digital Marketing Guru Heron a few years ago (6 I think!) and after training with me for a while she went solo. I’m incredibly proud of her achievements! She’s explored lots of different training styles and techniques to find out what works for her and, more importantly, what she enjoys! It was great to catch up, chat about training and all manner of gossip that I’m not publishing here! 😀

Who Are You And Why Are You Here?edinburgh food porn interviews irene vas

I came from Goa over 13 years ago. I’m here because dad gave me no choice 🙂 In the gym, I’m here to train….zone out, de stress….have a bit of ME time 🙂

What Does Your Current Training Program Look Like?

It’s currently a mixed bag of weighted strength and cardio training. Monday and Wednesday I do on a full body workout focusing on muscle groups across the body. Tuesday and Thursday I do cardio training through circuits and bootcamp training with a mix of running and compound exercises.

Any Training Related Thoughts You’d Care To Share?

It’s something of a cliche I know but I find training regularly keeps me sane with a healthy mind, body and soul.

What Does Your Current Nutritional Program Look Like?

I try and eat relatively healthy with a wee treat at the weekend, like Donuts! 🙂 I eat mainly lots of protein and veg with a small amount of carbs.

Any Nutritional Related Thoughts You’d Care To Share?

I find it tricky to stay away from treats….almost mind numbing!

What’s More Important, Diet or Exercise?

in my opinion, both are equally as important. You’ve got to feed the inside to get/earn a beautiful outside 🙂

What Did You Think Of The Donuts?deadly donuts

Matt here! Deadly Donuts was a revelation! 😀 I’m not, in all honesty, that big a fan of donuts so I wasn’t that excited initially but what a happy surprise I was in for! Firstly it turns out that Deadly Donuts is located only  5 minutes from LaZer Towers and secondly the donuts are fantastic!  I chose 3 donuts, just to be on the safe side, and they were amazing! Seriously they were that good that I went back the next day with my friend Heather to have some more! 😀 The coffee was excellent too! 😀

Freddie, the owner and chef has done a great job on creating a calm, chill little venue and I HIGHLY recommend you visit! 😀

That’s All Folks! 🙂

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