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change –  (cheynj)
verb (used with object)
1. To make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone


news – (nooz, nyooz)
noun (usually used with a singular verb)
1. a report of a recent event; intelligence; information:


Hello again readers 🙂  Today’s blog is going to be about change. Big changes!


Very sad news warning!

Most of you will know me or know of me from my work as a personal trainer in Edinburgh and probably – because who knows what else could happen? 🙂 – the biggest, and most irritating, change is coming in this area. As the majority of you will already be aware of by now, Factory Gyms, where I’ve been working happily with my clients for the past two years, is closing 🙁


Tom Robertson (FG Fitness Director) posted this announcement on FB last Wednesday –


“FACTORY GYMS IS CLOSING. Globo Gym (in the form of the Gym Group) is opening a giant gym next door. They are much cheaper & nastier than us and have tons of money – we simply can’t compete. I’m sure we’d win at dodgeball, but they’re not up for that so Factory Gyms is regrettably closing on the 30th December. Sorry folks! It’s been awesome training with you!”


Factory Gyms, home of Edinburgh personal trainer Matt Lazenby

Factory has been a really harmonious and friendly gym and it’s made for a unique and wonderful working environment. Owners Tom and Chloe have been fantastic to work with and my fellow PT’s Kyle, Robbie and Jo have been a constant source of inspiration and amusement to me 🙂 I’ve loved nattering with the reception staff – Craig, Angela, Margaret, Mike and Katie – who were all handpicked for their Factory friendly qualities and Tony has amazed us all, not least by managing to experience less work while on his work experience placement than anyone thought possible 🙂 And while she’s not technically a member of the Factory team, I have to mention the irrepressible Fiona who works as Security on the front desk. It’s been a wonderful two years guys 🙂


So for us all it’s on to pastures new. Fortunately for me as a personal trainer Edinburgh has no shortage of gyms to choose from. I’m definitely going to be at Rab Thompsons in Leith but as that’s not ideal location wise for everyone I’m going to be working at another location too. I’ve a few places to investigate and if they’re exciting enough (or I can cunningly make it sound more exciting than it actually was) I might even recount my adventures here 🙂


Change is still blowing throughout the rest of my life too 🙂 I’m 14lbs heavier than when I started training again 7 weeks ago and I’m writing this on Monday morning on my sofa instead of last Thursday on reception 🙂 More excitingly Princes Street has been transformed into a splendid Xmas market which I urge you all to go and visit 🙂 One last thing, see those pretty buttons below? Press them please 🙂







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