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Yo Peeps!

Remember last time when I broke the news that no matter which way you cut it forming new habits is hard work? You do! Oh good, then you’ll also remember that I promised to share my thoughts with you on choice architecture. If you don’t just click the link and you’ll soon be up to speed! 🙂 Right, let’s crack on! 🙂

Choice Architecture

So you’ve got an amazingly inspirational goal and you’re willing to do whatever it takes, regardless of how you feel, to reach your goals. Is there anything else you can do to increase your chances of success? Yes there is, it’s called choice architecture and you’ll be happy to know that it’s easier than the last two and it works!

Given that we’re discussing the subject of habits it’s no surprise that James Clear has written about choice architecture or that I’ve shared his excellent post as a Daily Lazer!

The basic premise of choice architecture is that your environment influences your choices – “If you design your environment to make the default choice a better one, then it’s more likely that you’ll make a good choice”

This most definitely works! Scientists have run experiments that dramatically confirm the impact of environment on choices; by simply repositioning the drinks in the cafeteria at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston sales of soda dropped 11.4% over a 3 month period while sales of bottled water sky rocketed by 25.8%! 🙂

Indeed the chances are that you’ve experienced the impact of choice architecture already. Ever found yourself picking up a chocolate bar at the checkout in the supermarket? It was carefully positioned to ensure that this would happen. Ever come across the idea that you should only buy the food you need? The same forces are at work, you’re creating an environment that increases the chances you’ll make the right choice and stick to your program.It even works for Homer Simpson!

The opportunities to tweak your environment and give yourself a shove in the right direction are literally endless. If you’re trying to stick to a nutritional program then the tactic I mentioned last paragraph of only buying the food that you need is incredibly effective. I do this myself and can categorically state that it works! Preparing food in advance and taking it to work is another highly effective tactic. Making a shopping list and only buying what you’ve put on it is incredibly effective. Putting the TV remote in a drawer can help reduce hours mindlessly watching TV and replacing it with a book or your gym bag can help to trigger the new habit you’re trying to form too! I could go on, forever, but I’m sure you’ve got the picture 🙂

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