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I’m Matt Lazenby. I’ve over 30 years weight training experience. I’m an online personal trainer and I help men and women of all ages and experience levels who are ready to make a change in their lives!

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Casey SternAfter just this short time with Matt I can walk into any gym with confidence... I know what I'm doing
Casey Stern
Steve KayeMatt changed the way that I viewed weights-based training and I saw massive results both physically and mentally.
Steve Kaye
Enrico VonaI gained 7 kg of lean muscle in 3 months of training. Matt is a mix of life coach and PT all in one.
Enrico Vona
Ruthe SparkleberryI can’t believe how much I learned in 12 weeks, I’m stronger, my posture has improved and I can use a gym with confidence.
Ruthe Sparkleberry
Blair Bonnar-CampbellIn my first 12 week block I lost 31lbs (15kg) in total and had so much more energy
Blair Bonnar-Campbell
Meg ThomasAfter a 12 week block with Matt, I was delighted to learn I could train LESS and lose MORE - loads more!
Meg Thomas

Personal Trainer Online Matt Lazenby

Looking for a personal trainer online who will listen to you, educate you, encourage you, support you and empower you to transform every aspect of your life? Well done! You've found one!


Weight training is ABSOLUTELY THE BEST form of exercise you can do for your body AND your mind! I'll teach YOU how to train effectively AND safely!


If you really want to look great and feel amazing you can! All you HAVE to do is change your habits! I'll show you EXACTLY how to do this so you can look great and feel amazing all the time, almost!


If you want to build muscle you HAVE to lift weights! I'll teach YOU how to lift weights to build muscle in the right places so look amazing AND feel great!


If you want to lose body fat you HAVE to eat less! I'll tell you EXACTLY HOW to eat so YOU can lose as much body fat as you want AND keep it off for the rest of your life!


If you really want to be happy you can! Simply lift weights, eat right and think good thoughts! I'll teach you how to do all of these so you can be confident, calm, self assured and happy all the time, almost!