My Expertise

Your mindset is responsible for your success in in every aspect of your life. Your mindset influences your thoughts. Your thoughts create your actions and determine how you feel. The good news is that you can change how you think. You can take responsibility for your thoughts, alter your perception and change your reality.
Weight Training
Weight training lies at the heart of all my programs because it’s quite simply the BEST form of exercise you can do for your body AND your mind! It will improve your health, mentally and physically, help you build muscle, burn fat, improve your focus and concentration and regardless of gender or age it’s never too late to start!
Nutrition is not rocket science. There are no good foods or  bad foods,  no clean foods or dirty foods and no super foods. You really can eat anything, including all your favourite foods. I’ll educate you and empower you so you can take control of your own nutrition for the rest of your life!
Svi Soudai

You have personal trainers, then you have Matt Lazenby. Matt has a way of really making sure your mindset is in the right place before you begin to train to the level he knows you can. It’s one thing to be fit, it’s another thing to be fit with the right mindset! Matt will make sure you get your body and mind right and you won’t even realize it, he is that good.

Svi Souda, Partender
Abigail Carney

I have just completed a 12 week program with Matt.  I am fitter, stronger, leaner and lighter. I don’t have a frozen shoulder anymore. I have huge amounts of energy. I have achieved my weight loss goal. I can navigate a gym. When you are in a session with Matt you know you are in the best hands. Meticulous!

Abigail Carney

I cannot emphasize enough just how good the results I achieved were! In 12 weeks I lost 31lbs in total and had so much more energy. Matt’s mindset alone helps you better yourself; I went from being a fat, unhappy dropout, to changing my outlook on life altogether!

Blair Bonar-Campbell
Fat, forty, unfit- not anymore! Following Matt’s advice on diet,exercise and lifestyle I’ve lost almost 60Ibs since April. My fitness has improved dramatically and I really enjoy my sessions at the gym, which is saying something as I’ve spent most of my life trying to avoid exercise!
Anna Rogerson
Glen Gilson

If you are serious about your health, Matthew Lazenby is a clear choice. His technical knowledge and application is second to none. Invest in someone who not only has the charisma and experience to educate you and help deliver your goals, but has the demonstrable life experience of developing his own physicality and psychology over years.

Glen Gilson, Gilson and Gray
Ruthe Philips

I’ve just finished a 12-week block with Matt and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done.  I can’t believe how much I learned and how much it has enhanced my life. I’m stronger, my posture has improved, I can use a gym with confidence and I understand my body in a way I never had before. Immensely rewarding and highly recommended!

Ruthe Philips